Stray Cat Brew


Coffee by a cat with attitude made for a wide market.

Create a new logo and identity for a coffee shop under new management marketing to a diverse range of customers.

Find inspiration from ice cream parlors, since their treats are enjoyed by people of all ages. Develop a distinctive brand with sustainable and adaptable elements to create customized marketing pieces that are fun and playful.

For in-store signage: promote events, promotions and special occasions through variations of the brands elements. For social media: capitalize on offbeat holidays to market related products, and compliment product photos with the brand’s animated style guide.
Responsible for all branding pieces: menu, in-store signage, printed materials

Art Director, Visual Designer, Content Creation & Strategy

2016 | Freelance (Half Past Rainbow LLC)



I was taking over a coffee shop that had lost it’s focus, had conflicting marketing messages and themes. I gave Half Past Rainbow, LLC (Emily Zier Ünlü) the challenge of re-branding this store, with a crisp, clean image that would appeal to a younger market while still maintaining the older clientele that had become comfortable. In a short time period, she came up with a logo, mascot, and overall design theme that not only fit the needs, but was easily adaptable so we could have consistency throughout the store, the professional appearance usually reserved for chain stores with massive advertising departments. Almost immediately, customers were commenting on how much better the store looked, and how much more fun the atmosphere was.

Half Past Rainbow gives us a consistent, quick turnaround on all work, even last-minute “rush jobs” due to special events. She is very open to new ideas and suggestions, and some of the best work has come from her taking our idea and making it a creation of her own, adding all the missing touches and details that someone else would have overlooked.

Since the takeover, there has been a significant improvement in sales, and the branding of the store gets a large share of the credit.

– Michael, Owner of Stray Cat Brew