Prevent Driving Drowsy


Bring light to a not so hot topic in the driving safety field.

Create a new logo for Massachusetts’ Prevent Driving Drowsy initiative. When Marian lost her brother from falling asleep at the wheel, she became determined to save lives on the road by promoting awareness around driving drowsy.

Not many people are aware of the 4 D’s of driving: Drunk, Drugged, Drowsy and Distracted. When googling ‘drowsy driving images’ the limited content mostly revealed people yawning at the wheel, and at night. With this in mind, I drew inspiration from the initiative’s target audience groups: college campuses, student drivers, night shift workers, and long distance drivers – no matter the time of day.

Art Director, Visual Designer

2017 | Freelance (Half Past Rainbow LLC)



I needed a logo for my work to raise awareness about the hazards of drowsy driving. I have a strong personal connection to this issue as I lost a brother to a fall asleep auto crash some years. It’s been a pleasure to work with Emily on a topic that is so sensitive. She provided me with several logo options and we worked together to choose and revise the one that seemed best suited to the work that I’m doing. Emily has always been accessible and responsive to my concerns and questions and can’t recommend her enough for your graphic design needs.

– Marian Berkowitz